Animal Welfare Mission Statement

TKK is not directly involved in raising, processing, or transporting the chickens. However, TKK works closely with Case Farms, its primary chicken supplier, to ensure the ethical treatment of animals. We only utilize chicken suppliers that meet or exceed all FDA-USDA-FSIS and industry standard guidelines. On a regular basis, we monitor and communicate with suppliers to make certain they fully comply with these guidelines.

Case Farms employees and growers share a committed responsibility to ensure the well-being and humane handling of all animals in our care. Our Poultry Welfare Officers and company Veterinarian have developed a program of daily practices and procedures that enable the company to properly train and monitor associates in all areas throughout the lifespan of the chickens. These procedures are based on guidelines provided by the National Chicken Council as well as input from experts in the poultry field. Poultry is our business and we strive daily to protect the birds in our care. Case Farms will continue to make it our moral responsibility to promote humane treatment through training and reinforcement of company standards. All chickens are farm-raised and fed a diet that is predominantly corn and soy based with no added hormones.