For the past four decades in Taiwan, TKK’s phenomenal chefs have followed the same successful single-layer, soybean oil recipe—enjoyed and cherished greatly by those with a sincere palate for comfort foods, or simply all things fried.

Today, TKK brings its homey magic to New York City, a top-of-list destination for foodies and tourists all over the world. Every batch of chicken is seasoned with a single layer of breading to preserve juiciness then freshly fried in pure soybean oil each day.

The Chicken

All chickens delivered to our kitchen are raised on U.S. farms and inspected by the USDA. No hormones added. Non-marinated processed chicken products are all natural and do not contain artificial flavors, coloring ingredients, or chemical preservatives. Federally licensed antibiotics are used in strict adherence to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.